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TheNON2 ( Non-duality ) is the essence of wisdom generated by getting rid of all that falls/ judgment/ absolute/ constant/ eternal/ dualistic notions.

Our minds and bodies are in a colorful world of senses. It is because of the predestined relationship, ideas, emotions, karma, thoughts and awareness that make the heart of everyone of us and the cognition and dualistic notions generated from our hearts. These perception and feelings lead the life tracks of all people in this planet.

The development and results of all things have a specific direction, but none of the single directions is a perfect presentation.  Everything is definitely connected to each other. As long as one subdivided anything, one will find it has an endless and close relationship with all the things around it. so actually we choose anything in an unfair and imperfect way and we may ignore its more extensive connection with the perdestined relationship. In fact, most our choices and decisions are the results of the cause and effect of ourselves in the past, rather than the results of objective choices.

The whole reasonable world is formed of everyone’s dualistic notion. The process to get rid of the wrong dualistic notion is the approach to help us know about the truth of the world. If a beggar can live in an ordinary house, he will feel it’s like the heaven; but to a rich man, the same house is just like the hell. There is nothing wrong with the house itself, the feeling of whether the house is good or not comes from the choice of different people’s strong dualistic notions, which shape our cognitions and decisions towards this world. Only by getting rid of this wrong dualistic notion can we be able to enter a omniscience state and see the truth of heart and things. 

TheNON2 ( Non-duality ) is a team that takes pursuing the essence idea as its enterprise fundamental direction. After over 10 years’ accumulation in Buddhism, spiritual practice, art, fashion and design field, we devote to demonstrate a high-quality and unique brand culture to the market.