The Siddhi - Zen Tea

【Old tree Pu-Erh tea】

For thousands of years, people have experienced the change of times, while an ancient wild tea garden in the deep forest mountain are still growing quietly there, absorbing pure aura of heaven and earth.

XishuangBanna in Yunnan has the Ideal weather condition and abundant fertile soil for old tea trees. These old tea trees has gone through many struggles and resist the nature till now. Their roots grow deeper into the soil to absorb sufficient nutrients and essence of soil, that is why these old tea trees buds are hypertrophic, containing abundant endoplasm and grown free from any chemical fertilizer or pesticide. it is a organic natural healthy drink.

The old tea trees has a rich, mellow sweeter taste and a long lasting after taste lingers in the mouth and throat.  Their strong after taste and stable flavor are incomparable with those Pu-Erh tea from Taiwan as well as those multiple harvested green tea and black tea.
Health benefits of Pu-Erh tea: Lower bad cholesterol, blood pressure and improve digestive system, also help weight loss and anti-cancer.

【古樹普洱茶(プーアル ちゃ)】

雲南省の西双版納州で、 適合な気温と肥沃な土壌に恵まれたお茶の老樹は今まで長い風雨に耐え、大自然の気候と戦って生きており、 樹根の土壌は養分をたっぷり吸収して葉の芽が豊富な栄養を蓄えております。 栽培期間には化肥農薬など一切使用されませんので、最天然の有機栽培の健康飲料です。
古樹普洱茶(プーアル ちゃ )は喉の奥までグッと入ると香りと甘みが口の中に残ります。それに、お茶のまろやかさは台地高山茶も台地普洱茶も年に数回も収穫された緑茶と紅茶なども比べることができません。benefits of Pu-Erh tea: Lower bad cholesterol, blood pressure and improve digestive system, also help weight loss and anti-cancer.

【Hidden treasures of the monastery with unbroken lineages, nectar pills】

These precious nectar pills are condensed essence of all the buddhas. Countless mantras and rituals are performed for twenty four hours by ten and thousands of monks for many weeks and days.Fortunate people who come across these nectar pills will be blessed with longevity, good health ad enable one to overcome all the obstacles.


甘露丸は諸仏陀を加持して、歴代得道した高僧の仏舎利と千百種類の貴重な漢方薬、それに多くの大修行者の加持を経て、高僧と信者たちは数十日の朝から晩をかけてお経を唱えたり、その修行を積んで製造 されます。ご縁がある人は甘露丸を飲むとすべての障碍を取り除かれて、福徳を広くして、長生きする優れた効力があります。

【The Siddhi-Zen Tea 】

Carefully chosen from over 400 years old tea trees from the high-altitude Bulang mountain. These early spring hand picked one bud two leafs are infused with four lineages(Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, Gelug) of Tibetan Buddhism most precious nectar pills. Following the traditional ancient tea making process hand stone pressed crafts.

These color of the tea are clear shine Amber yellow with a honey, ginseng floral and rich minerals fragrance. it has a long lasting full body after taste.

The combination of the best first spring pure tea, the best inherited ancient tea making process, and inherited nectar pills from four major Tibetan Buddhism schools, creates a precious tea, making you enjoy the essence of natural energy and your mind , and truly experience The Siddhi-Zen Tea. 

【2015 不二禅茶】

お茶の水色にゴールドを呈し、花の香り や大量の礦物質からのフルーツのような甘い香りなど、甘い余韻が喉に残り、全身に流れています。

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